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Shift Towards An
Audience First TV Marketplace

Trusted by the largest TV platforms and networks across the globe.

What we do

Our SaaS Framework provides TV media owners the capability to holistically forecast, plan, sell and measure all their TV inventory and audiences, resulting in new sources of TV advertising revenues.


Calculate all key TV metrics such as reach, frequency, delivered impressions and inventory capacity. Unifying all your inventory and audiences.


Understand performance and pacing, create audiences, run complex queries to gain the full value of your owned and operated inventory, as well any partner or acquired inventory. Driving better collaboration across disparate teams and cross platform clarity.


Our machine learning forecasting algorithms can leverage unlimited historical data, to help forecast all TV inventory more accurately and furthermore better identify high impact events, changing trends and seasonality. Substantial data points of historical data+machine learning+manual interventions=accurate predictions.


Accurately and seamlessly plan and book campaigns that utilize all available inventory and audience across linear, addressable linear, VoD, and digital sources. Informed sales planning, productization, pricing and generate optimal yield.


Allow external partners access to key data insights that are harmonized, cleansed, conjoined and calculated to enable them to achieve more on your platforms.

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