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Privacy-compliant data-driven advertising solutions with unprecedented scalability both horizontally and vertically. Fully Modular, we function as a seamless layer on top, bridging existing systems within your tech stack; allowing you to gain maximum value from your existing infrastructure.

Our SaaS Framework can run fully on any client premises or 3rd party cloud (Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS S3, or Google Cloud Platform), ensuring TV data remains in full control of the client. Our solution has been benchmarked versus internally developed solutions and has proven to save our clients substantial OPEX in annual costs in internal development & maintenance, operational overhead and scalability challenges. In addition, our clients benefit from continued SaaS updates and continual innovation.

Our solution is GDPR and CCPA compliant. 24/7 comprehensive data alerting and monitoring capabilities ensures 100% data integrity.

Data Harmonization.

We aim to leverage raw log-level data in an effort to overcome the industry's challenge to overcome vague and inaccurate data. We marry your First party data and any audience and attribution data sources you may leverage.

We can onboard, process and merge disparate, unstructured TV data sets from sources such as:

TV viewing
  • Across all devices: STB, OTT, ACR, VoD & Digital
  • Network and Content metadata: EPG & VoD catalog
  • Ad execution: ad Servers, and linear trafficking systems
  • Booking systems: linear ad spot, addressable & Digital
  • Acquired inventory: DSPs and Exchanges
  • First party: CRM, DMP, and subscriber registration info
  • Data partners: audience, identity matching, and attribution data

Such data can be ingested from any data warehouse or cloud data lake. Though we can work with APIs, we recommend working with raw/unstructured data as this allows for more flexibility and accuracy in metric calculations and in the data science process across various inventory datasets. The benefit is that there is no burden on you to comply with data delivery guidelines or rigid ingestion APIs.

The encrypted harmonized data can be updated at any time interval (real-time, hourly, daily).


Our SaaS Framework can be deployed on any client premises or appointed Cloud provider. Deployment of any SaaS module is data-agnostic and fully configurable. Our interfaces can be adapted to streamline any existing internal and external workflows, integrate approval chains and adherence to business rules to ensure transition to using our solution is frictionless.


With extensive permission based controls, give limited or full access based on your organizational structure and existing business rules.


Expose your data to internal teams, media agencies, media partners, and/or media sales houses. With advanced permission and data filtering controls to manage what is exposed and who it is exposed to.

Leverage your harmonized, cleansed, normalized and processed data to enrich your offering with current or future partners to deepen relationships and/or offer additional insights, transparency and calculations.

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